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USB CAT Interface Cable using the highly reliable FTDI Chipset. This interface is available in various connector options depending on your transceiver.

Check the connector options below to order the right version for your radio.

* The standard cable length is 1.8m.



DB9 RS232 Version
TS-480, TS-590, TS-990 and TS-2000


6 Pin Full Size Din Connector Version*
TS-450s, TS-690s, TS-790s, TS-850s, TS-950s

* Also suitable for the following Kenwood transcivers where optional chips are installed. TS-140s and TS-680s (Require the IF-10C)
TS-940 (requires the IF-10B)
TS-440s (requires the IC-10)



Kenwood USB CAT Interface Cable (2 versions)

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